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The following are the most commonly asked questions from our clients.


Where do I buy the tickets for Parasailing, Banana Boat Rides, or Jetski Rentals?

You can either buy your ticket when you come to ride (call ahead for a reservation Contact us link ), or you can purchase tickets on-line. Click here to purchase tickets.



Is it safe




Are you guys experienced?

Yes. We only employ staff that are fully qualified. We want you to have a great time and come back year after year. We sincerely appreciate your business.



What methods of payment do you take?

We accept Cash, Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard.



What if it is bad weather ?

We don’t operate in bad weather. If we have bad weather, we will call you and let you know when we will be operating again. Don’t hesitate to call us if it looks bad in your area.



How high will I go when Parasailing?

We let out about 230 feet of line. The altitude of your flight will depend on the strength of the wind and your angle to it when you fly – typically about 230 feet high.



Can I take my camera with me?

We don’t recommend it, because you might drop it in the ocean or it might get wet, but ‘Yes’ you can take your camera with you. Bring a plastic bag so it doesn’t get wet. And, please understand that we are not responsible if you lose it or if it gets wet. If you bring your camera with you and decide not to take it on the ocean, don’t worry. We will keep it safe with the rest of your belongings while you have fun.